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Each and every person on the Dietrich Homes team, values the importance of their own role in serving, encouraging, and helping you to achieve your dream of ultimate Luxury Home ownership.


Yes, we do build fabulous homes, and as a result of creating and maintaining excellent relationships by not only using high quality materials, meeting and exceeding Ontario Building code for energy efficiency and providing stellar customer service that delights our purchasers, we continue to be the Award-winning, Long-lasting Builder in Peterborough. We’ve been doing all of this since 1985, never satisfied with today’s wins, and ever forward looking to see how we can continue to provide the very best service and products to our buyers. So, when you walk through our doors, you’ll enjoy the start of your journey by meeting various members of the Dietrich Homes Team, who strive daily to provide you with your ideal living space. We genuinely look forward to getting to know you, what you love to do, where you prefer spending your time and what would make your life better than ever. This is the first step to finding a perfect fit in one of our dynamic homes or condos. Purchasing a new home has a lot of moving parts and that’s where our people come in.


Our entire team, from Sales, Design, and Production to Customer Care and Construction, are all here to journey with you, to make you feel completely at ease and fully pleased, and also to remind you to embrace this exciting new adventure. That’s why we’ll roll up our sleeves and do all of the planning, make all the arrangements, and give you honest, sensible feedback so you can simply relax, make a few decisions, and then watch as we bring your own divine abode to life. We promise it’ll be an exceptionally memorable experience.

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