Closing Day Should Be Fun!

Closing Day Should Be Fun


From the time you sign your paperwork to purchase, until the day of possession, while at times challenging, especially if you’ve never owned your own home, this amazing time in your life should be filled with joyful expectations and anticipated adventures in your new home!

There are only a few things that can stand in the way of the bliss that awaits your  joy of new home ownership and one of these is being unprepared for the multitude of mini-tasks that need to be planned for and executed in a timely manner.

Oh sure, everyone is given a list of “Services to Call” on the day of purchase and often are even provided with exact contact information to make this area  less complicated and easier to complete, but experience shows that the overwhelming amount of information that is provided by the builder so far from the actual closing date, is often misplaced or forgotten later.

A friendly suggestion is to tuck that list in a folder and stash it in your filing cabinet (digital or otherwise) under “Closing To do List” or if you are inclined to have a messy or non existent  filing system, then take that same list,  highlight the Words at the top and tape it solidly to your refrigerator or location you will remember to access at the time it is required.

The list provided at the time of purchase  includes advising that two weeks prior to the closing date, to make contact with:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Hydro
  • Water
  • Post Office
  • Internet/phone/cable


Be sure to send out change of address notices to important people,  and institutions, credit card companies ,etc..

If you lived out of town previously,  possibly you may wish to arrange to have your phone number changed to a local number.

Arrange with your bank and lawyer to settle up outstanding transfer of funds a few days prior to closing.

Notify your home insurance policy holder of the change in address.


                Set calendar reminders in your phone or desktop to make sure nothing is missed!


If you are getting new furniture or appliances, they should be ordered in advance of your closing date ( check with each company to see what their policies are) and delivery requested  for the day ( or days) after closing that work with your actual closing date


Just taking care of these items a couple of weeks prior to closing will ensure a smooth transition from one living space to the next and make your new home a celebrated  and more enjoyable experience.