Oh, There’s no Place Like Home for the Holidays…. Wherever You May Roam

So much truth to that old jingle. There really is no place to compare to being in our own home and even more so when holiday seasons approach. The Christmas/New Year’s season is probably most families’ favorite time of the year because it just contains that magical element for young and old that is unrivaled by any of the many other holidays we celebrate.

Looking forward to a respite from the usual 9:00- 5:00, work loaded days, being replaced by other more favorable exertions like copious amounts of baking, cooking, and decorating, whose results draw relatives and loved ones to our homes, is one of the greatest appeals to this portion of the holidays.

Entertaining friends and family hardly resembles work at all, once everyone gathers in our homes to enjoy dinners, endless chatter as we catch up on our past year together and even venturing outdoors for walks in the wintry cold, or skiing, skating, and sledding… or even just sitting relaxing in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a spacious DIETRICH HOME, (so perfect for welcoming many guests) and you live in a spectacular family subdivision like the “Trails of Lily Lake”, you also get to enjoy the winter wonderland views on display in our forested conservation area. Some favor observing these treasured scenic panoramas from the comfort of their home (for the older folks) and others jump right on the Trans Canada Trails that stretch forever in both directions (for the younger, energetic folks)

The homeowners here have views that are exceptional all year long, but when a sudden release of a blanket of pure white snow or ice crystals envelopes the trees and surrounding areas, it’s like living in our very own fairy tale and our holiday visitors long to live here too.

The winter holidays are meant for sharing, so remember to include young and old, near and far, and those who may have no where to go, and these holidays will take on an incredibly more memorable time of enjoyment for you and all you welcome into your home and holiday celebrations.