Our Community In TLL

TRAILS OF LILY LAKE….the very name inspires anyone who appreciates the great outdoors…whether actually enjoying it physically by getting out into the crisp, fresh air (brought to you by the surrounding trees, photosynthesising the air around us into delicious and healthy oxygen) or just imagining being out with all of the other countryside enthusiasts and nature lovers, hiking, biking or cross country skiing down the trails of our very own conservation area….you will want to be a part of living in this great community!

We have it all here….families with children and dogs, frolicking in their yards, young people coming to and from school with friends, and couples walking hand in hand as they get their exercise and fill their lungs anew… (the retired couples are the sweetest to watch). To be frank, located as we are up somewhat higher than the Peterborough town folks, we tend to get our share of some windy weather, especially now before all construction of new homes has been completed and helps to prevent some of the rugged air flow, but it’s also why we have some of the spectacular views that all of us enjoy, especially off of the balconies and decks of DIETRICH HOMES’ new home builds.

To date this far, this is absolutely one of the most favourite communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving in. There’s such a feeling of safety and family here, with folks looking out after one another, like friends and families used to always do.

In all of the subdivisions I have ever been in, I have never seen such beautiful skies, or gorgeous cloud formations and brilliant, multi-hued sunsets….it really defies description….you must see them for yourself. So, if you are desiring to live in the preeminent community of Peterborough with the best neighbors ever, most stunning continuous views, lots of amenities close at hand and the ability to create a long lasting healthy lifestyle, don’t waste any time checking out the amazing new builds and award winning home creations by a leading New home Builder at DIETRICH HOMES in the Trails of Lily Lake in Peterborough.