Porcelain Tiles or Ceramic?

Dietrich Homes says, “Our purchasers are worth the extra cost!”

When examining the differences between Porcelain tiles and Ceramic tiles, at surface glance it may be hard to determine why porcelain tends to be more expensive and you may wonder whether it’s important to spend a little extra on one type over another when they seem to be so similar. However, after doing a little research, Dietrich Homes decided that our purchasers were well worth the extra expense, to provide them with a product that actually is superior in several different ways.

Even though both porcelain and ceramic tiles are clay-based and kiln-fired, porcelain is a unique secondary type of ceramic with a sturdier fabrication and are created using mixes of refined clay and other natural ingredients, which are all packed at high pressures and then baked at higher temperatures in the kiln. You may ask to what benefit, but this produces tiles that are thicker than ceramic, which makes them more resistant and able to handle the tough everyday wear and tear, a feature that makes them stand up well, even for commercial use. (So, we know they’ll stand up to traffic in our homes)

Two more positives to having porcelain tiles is that they are extremely easy to clean and are highly water-resistant, which means they are basically impenetrable to damage from water, even after continuous subjection. This highly water-repellent material makes porcelain tiles an outstanding option for home entries, hallways, bathrooms, mudrooms and laundry rooms, which is where you will find Dietrich Homes places our porcelain tiled areas.

Due to their more intricate materials and complex manufacturing process, porcelain tiles typically cost approximately 60% more, but even though the cost of porcelain tile is higher when comparing porcelain tiles to ceramic, the incredibly, higher longevity of porcelain tiles saves our purchasers, as their durability have been known to last for years and years in comparison.

Dietrich Homes strives to use the very best quality materials, which is one of the reasons we are sold on using Porcelain tiles rather than ceramic in each and every home we create!